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Lingerie Short List 2018
The Pantry Underwear was launched in September 2016 by ‘Pantrepreneur’ Eloise Rigby, who quit her job at Ministry of Sound to follow her dream of creating a multi-brand underwear shop that prides itself on fit, but doesn’t compromise on flair.
Eight months before, Eloise was walking down Upper Street in London’s Islington when she passed a vacant shop and thought it would make an ideal underwear store.
“My instinct stemmed from my first weekend job at college as a bra fitter for an independent chain. I have always worked in sales and marketing since, but this was the most rewarding service role I’d ever had,” she told Lingerie Insight.
Strangely, it turned out that the Upper Street store had been an underwear shop for 60 years previously, but it was not financially viable.
“This cemented the project for me – it turns out that starting up a business does involve luck and fate, as well as hard work, determination and research, etc.”
The Pantry finally opened along Camden Passage in September and since then, The Pantry Underwear has focused on becoming a hub for women, putting the fun back into the often-daunting experience of buying underwear.
The store has hosted NCT groups to better understand and support nursing customers and has offered intimate Yoga sessions for its active clientele.
It also offers a complete range of solutions to its ‘pant pals’, including everything from T-shirt bras, through to bralettes and occasion pieces.
In October 2017, The Pantry took on the re-launch of underwear and swimwear exclusively at Liberty London and now has a shop at the department store on Regent Street, Carnaby.
The retailer launched into Liberty with major brands such as Triumph, Panache, Calvin Klein and exclusive lines from Bower swimwear, Born Nouli activewear, The Nude Label and Dora Larsen’s Liberty print-inspired undies.
The move marked Liberty’s first foray into underwear in over five years.

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