Down to the wire: Are Underwired styles still cool?

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It’s 2022 and the underwire is behind us, right? Well, that’s what I thought when I was first introduced to The Pantry Underwear. 

When the pandemic hit, working from home in pyjamas and drinking wine exclusively via zoom became the new normal. It seemed only natural to ditch my underwired bras, and I found immense comfort in bralettes instead. 

Truthfully, I had never owned an underwired bra that I actively reached for. At the back of my drawer lived a couple of underwired styles, that didn’t spark joy and I had usually picked them up in a hurry without considering the size or fit too deeply. I had always assumed underwire was inherently uncomfortable in nature, yet there were moments when my breasts fluctuated, and I craved that bit of extra support that only a wire can offer.

As part of my initial training, the wonderful Abi gave me a full Pantry style fitting. I was amazed (a common reaction among many women I have since fitted) as the underwired bra she used to help find my size was incredibly comfortable... more on this later. 

During the fitting we talked through all the crucial fit points of a bra, and I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable an underwired bra can be when fitted correctly. The biggest thing I took away from the fitting was how tight a bra should fit around the back. I had always sized up on the width because I thought this would allow for a more comfortable fit, opting for a good few inches over what I measured.  

However, Abi explained that we wanted a snug fit on the back which could be pulled out no further than an inch, this would then ensure the bra would not ride up my back and allow the wire to stay in place and not on any breast tissue.

Naturally, after my fitting I found myself trying on a new selection of underwired bras to test how they felt underneath a top and observe the way each responded to movement. 

So, I have decided to put together a list of my personal favourite underwired bras so far, for anyone who thought they were over underwires, or simply needs a new everyday fit. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, if you have any questions feel free to drop me an email at!


Scalloped Lace Balconette [Peach] - Best for enhancing your natural shape under clothing…


£40 / A cup - DD cup 

My First Pantry love. This balconette is the perfect everyday fit, offering a great shape without excess padding. The cups emphasise the natural breast tissue and  create a soft, rounded shape under clothing. A smooth lace overlay provides support and shape, ensuring no bulging or gaping. The lightweight padded ­wire means all-day comfort, making this my absolute go-to. This one is also available in White and Black.


Satin Contour Plunge & Balconette - Our very first inaugural own-brand series SURE to uplift…

Plunge  £38 / C - G Cup

Balconette  £38 / B - F Cup

Both supportive and striking, the Satin Contour plunge will take its place (rightfully so) in the bra-drobe hall of fame. Crafted from featherlight wires for all-day comfort and offering an unparalleled uplifting shape under clothes thanks to the firm satin bands that provide structure and lift. The super soft mesh is both breathable and bold, adding a modern twist to any outfit. 



Primrose & Teal Lace Underwired Bra – For your delicate yet supportive Bra fix…


 £65 / B – F Cup

This is the perfect option if you are craving something extra special. Perfect for layering under knitwear or taking out for a glass of red. Enhance your Bra-drobe with this pastel delight, carefully crafted from recycled yarns, with a high bridge to ensure no spilling or bulging on the cups and added tulle lining for support. This bra is everyday comfort, combined with style. 


Smooth Full Cup T-shirt BraBest for that super soft second skin feeling…

£45 / B - GG cup

Available in a range of skin tones, this is the one I tell my friends about, because everyone needs something soft for the days we wish we could stay in bed, right?. This smooth full cup T-shirt bra has it all; with flat lightweight wires and supple microfibre fabric throughout, this bra will hug like a second skin, whilst also providing support. A new classic, this will become a bra-drobe favourite in no time. With 3-way adjustable straps, the bra can be turned into both racerback and halter styles.



Ribbed Model & Cotton High Apex Plunge [Fuchsia]  The fun yet practical staple… 

£59 / B - F

A comfortable yet fun take on the everyday bra which works wonders for anything with a deeper neckline. Modal fabric is lined with a smooth cotton for coverage and structure. 

The high apex shape provides support alongside moisture-wicking materials to keep you uplifted, even on the toughest of days. The plunge front proves itself furthermore useful and versatile under various necklines. A timeless shape with a sweet eco-friendly lace detail on the back. This one is also available in Mangrove, Chalk, and Black.

I hope you enjoyed pondering through my favourite underwired gems to date, it's been an immensely fun journey through the world of Pantry Bras so far.

Mostly, I have learnt that confidence can flourish through all kinds of bras, with different women naturally desiring different styles and shapes that reflect their own unique personality & style. Over more recent years, the underwear market has seen a focus on eco-friendly materials and bras that embrace a more natural shape and lift.

At The Pantry Underwear, we activel­y seek to stock a wide assortment of bras, so there’s space for everyone to find that gorgeous fit..Whether you fancy giving underwire a second chance or just want to find a new softie, I promise there is something for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read - I would love to see you for a fitting soon…

Em x

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