Bra Fitting Islington London

 A pantry houses provisions – we stock the essentials for any woman. Every bra brand and style fits differently, so we will (if you want us to) guide you through the process of selecting the right bra for you. 

Our fitters are on hand to answer your questions regarding orders via the online shop and in store – simply contact us via live chat or email, and watch out for our commentary on every product… 

Eloise Rigby The Pantry Underwear
Eloise Rigby is the founder of the Pantry. You will find her in the Islington store on most days. She started her sales career as a bra fitter in 2005, working for the Contessa Group Ltd. 
Carle Peters The Pantry Underwear
Carla Peters trained Eloise as a bra fitter at Contessa and subsequently worked for Bravissimo and Debenhams. Carla has a son, Oliver and a daughter, Ruby. 
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