From Our Pantry To Yours: IWD '22

IWD is a movement pushing for gender equality. It campaigns for a world that is free from bias and discrimination. A world that celebrates difference.

The campaign in 2022 is pushing to #breakthebias and forge a world that is diverse and inclusive to all cisgender women and women in the LGBTQ+ community.

To commemorate this, some of the team here at The Pantry Underwear have rounded up a few of their favourite pieces, selecting styles that express their identity and make them feel empowered. Sharing insight From Our Pantry To Yours. 

For too long underwear has been either plain and drab or overtly sexual and impractical, this collection combines both comfort and style with the result being pieces that make you feel good whilst also being suitable to wear everyday. 

We have also included some PJ's, socks and other accessories from our favourite independent female founded brands. 

*10% of all purchases made from this edit will be donated to the Ukrainian Women's Fund*

Thank you for your support x