Introducing Our 'Changing Room Chats' Podcast

Since 2016, we've fitted thousands of bras, in-store and via our virtual fits, uplifting countless 'Pant Pals'.

The changing room is a place where knowledge is shared and trust is built, with conversations about everything from lighthearted life hacks and holiday planning, to deeper dives around body positivity, mental health and more.

Our podcast aims to draw back the curtain on these important and often fascinating 'Changing Room Chats,' as we invite a variety of guests and panelists to share their wisdom with our ever-expanding community.

Expect female-focused discussions around fertility, finance, contraception, careers, breast reduction, birth, menopause and more!

We hope you enjoy our podcast and welcome your thoughts - so free to reach out to us at with any feedback, or suggestions for future topics you'd love us to tackle.

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Episodes 3 & 4: Managing Your Money 101 w/ Allie R Investing

At a time when money has never felt tighter, and the news is a full of high interest rates, rising rents and cost of living crises, many of us are looking for ways to be smarter with our hard-earned cash.

Enter Allie, friend of the Pod who has worked in finance for over 10 years and is here to share some top tips with us all. We had SO much to discuss that we've split this chat into two parts ...

Head to Part 1 where we demystify day-today banking, joint accounts, savings, stocks & shares. And in Part 2 we take a deeper dive into debt, credit scores, student loans, pensions and mortgages.


Recorded exclusively for the Pod at The Pantry Underwear's flagship store in Islington.

Episode 2: How To Start A Brand, hosted by Katie Underwood (LIVE)

Ever wanted to draw back the curtain and see what really happens when you decide to take the plunge and start your own brand?!

The Pantry Underwear founder Eloise, joins Bethany Scott-Morris founder of Cambridge boutique Iris & Violet. Interviewed by Katie Underwood, owner of communications agency KUCO, these three successful businesswomen talk about the ups and downs of building a brand.

This episode covers everything from negotiating property leases to growing a digital community, dealing with suppliers, and building a team, as well as the challenges of finding a work / life balance as a woman in business.


Recorded live at a sold-out event at The Pantry Underwear's pop up in Cambridge.

Episode 1: Contraception, hosted by Dani Conlon (LIVE)

Join us to unpick a subject we simply don't chat about enough - contraception.

This thought-provoking session, recorded live at the sold-out event in The Pantry Underwear's flagship store, is presented by Dani Conlon of The Lowdown, a resource hub for women's health. Our panel of experts from HanxCliterally The Best and SH:24, answer all the questions you never knew you had about contraception and sexual health, in an impartial and approachable way, as well as taking questions from the audience.


Recorded live at a sold-out event at The Pantry Underwear's flagship store in Islington.

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