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Why is getting the correct underwear solutions so important? 

We don't wear fancy fabrics, tailoring, an unusually low back or front - occasionwear - very often, so aren't necessarily aware of the challenges it can present. Bias cut silk, for example,  shows every line and shadow including belly buttons. At special events, of course you’ll want the focus to be on your beautiful outerwear - the right underwear, creating the optimum silhouette 'for you' under your dress or outfit will ensure it looks its absolute best and with no focus on the underwear from those viewing from the outside. 



What should someone consider when shopping for solutions underwear?

Listen to the experts! We host solutions/bridal/specialist underwear fittings in person and virtually, which offer a range of solutions ( wherever possible ) to form the foundations for an outfit. More often than not, the wearer will walk away with solutions products they weren't even aware existed. These specialist products almost always have funky sizing because they are constructed differently to typical underwear products, so our product and fit specialists will help to navigate sizing and make fit adjustments. Try to keep an open mind and be willing to compromise - different bust sizes present different challenges. 




 Unless you are going for the braless look, wear a bra or lift solution to offer the shape and support you are looking for. Most dresses with a bra built in won't offer adequate support for wearing all day and night and of course dancing. The cups 'built in' will move with the dress through the day rather than with you and therefore the breast tissue can become dislodged and misshapen. 



What are the most common types of solutions underwear? 

Bra-less lift solution - one of our bestselling products by volume as it enables the wearer to confidently style completely backless dresses and tops.  it'll also be worn underneath a backless underwear garment such as a bodysuit to offer further support. It's also commonly worn with wedding dresses that have cups built in, to provide the uplift, support and security throughout the day. Contrary to expectation, this is a really comfy product to wear. Nipple petals are provided to avoid nipple factor seen through a dress ( if the intention is to conceal ). 




Backless bodysuit - bodysuits offer an all-in-one solution involving shapewear and typical bra cups. They cannot offer the same support as your everyday bra though as they are missing half the bra ( the back strap ). Hence some people underpin them with the solution above. The cups offer a smooth and rounded shape under clothes. 


Strapless bra - this may seem obvious, but finding the right strapless bra is really important if one can be worn with the dress or outfit. Many of us will have had the Wonderbra strapless growing up with the magic hands / structure, but this has a prominent shelf underneath the cups that can be restrictive to the rib cage if you have further corsetry or structure on the top, and it can show through more simple dresses too. We really stand behind our plunge shape strapless as it avoids the shelf like and squished shape strapless bras have a reputation for giving. Standing from the side it'll create an uplifted t-shirt bra style shape. 


Invisible shaping shorts - more than 90% of brides, wedding guests and those


looking for a fab silhouette, end up with shorts or a short section as part of their foundations. Not only do they offer smoothing attributes ( your butt tissue is generally the softest on your body ) and ensure no lines, they're also really comfy to wear, stopping you from getting hot between the legs when all eyes are on the bride. They’re also extremely useful for future bra-drobe needs! 

Our bestselling invisible series is not like the shapewear you have chucked to the back of your knicker drawer, which was probably very uncomfortable, hot and created more bulging than it dealt with. The fabrication is ah-mazing ( like silk ) and we cannot recommend these highly enough.  

What underwear should I wear to initially try on with occasionwear outfits?  

A good strapless and shorts, as recommended above would be the way to go for try-ons. 

Which brands create the best solutions underwear? How can you be certain you’re getting the best wedding underwear for your outfit?

To be honest, we have invested heavily in solutions products to create a range that is inclusive alongside completely free expert advice. We are partnered with many bridal brands and stores who are confident in sending brides who have purchased from them to us for their foundations, including Angelica Bridal, Bon Bride, Bustle and Bow, Charlie Brear, Morgan Davies, The Own Studio, Rita Colson and Rixo to name just a few. To call out specific brands would be misrepresentative of our knowledge as not all products from those brands are as effective or suited to certain requirements as others. We prefer to direct people to our  fitting service and general solutions edit for them to explore the cherry picked tried and tested products for themselves, via the links below and outlined within the copy also: 



The best chance of getting the foundations right is by seeking help from our expert fit team - we offer free and informal advice to support women in navigating the Wild Wild West that is bra shopping. A virtual bridal fitting involves a general size review ( via secure video call, from the comfort of your own home. Banishing the dread of 'going' bra shopping ) followed by some discussion around whether or not that bra size and shape is right for the wearer, then the fitter will review pictures of the dress and recommend products to go with it. Once the items are delivered, we offer a fit check service and review whether they have worked as expected or the size or product selection needs tweaking. We also have stores in London and Cambridgeshire, which regularly host solutions/bridal underwear fittings and also private group fittings known as Pant Parties which are hosted outside of opening hours with fizz provide and a blanket discount for 3 or more guests. 

Top tips/takeaways: 

  • For more casual events, why not check out our ‘New Neutrals’ edit for the best foundations to go under lighter weight & lighter/brighter coloured clothing 
  • When wearing our bra-less or strapless adhesive lift solutions, do not apply lotion or oil to the skin for 12 hours beforehand so that a bond can be formed between the product and the skin 
  • Don’t wear socks for 12 hours before an event 
  • If your outfit is backless don’t wear a bra with a back strap  for 12 hours before an event 
  • All of our guessed shapewear items should not be worn with knicker underneath - they will just cause a bunched line and the shapewear itself has a cotton gusset, so should be treated as your underwear 
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